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La Fleur Thai Massage, We provide professional health massage service. We have experienced massage therapists and certified by the Ministry of Public Health. You will feel relaxed and comfortable in the spacious, clean,peaceful and nice atmosphere.

La Fleur Thai Massage is decorated in a European style. It is spacious and clean. There are places to sit and wait. There are tea and longan juice after service.

* Foot massage room is separated for private peace and there are large comfortable foot massage chairs.

* Thai massage room is clean, quiet and relaxing without noisy. we change bed linen and socks every time.

* Aroma oil massage room is beautifully decorated and the warm shower room for a comfortable feeling.

La Fleur Thai Massage is clean, quiet and professional health massage service.


Thai massage is a type of massage, which is a treatment of disease in Thai traditional medicine. It focuses on pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending,pulling, baking and compressing, which are known as “Traditional Massage” which is not just to treat the pain but still good for health and cure illness because the massage will directly affect the body and mind by using the art of touch.


Back, Shoulder and Head Massage

It is a massage on the upper part of the body by using fingertips along with the hands and elbows. emphasizing the area which is pain and tense to relax.

Thai massage with balsam

It is a Thai massage with balsam to relieve

muscle stiffness and helps to stretch through the massage better

Thai massage + Herbal Compress

It is a Thai massage with herbal compress to relieve muscle aches and stimulate blood circulation.

Foot sole massage

It is massage the various parts

of the sole of the foot to balance the blood circulation and relieve aches in the legs.

Foot sole massage + Thai massage

Foot sole massage and acupressure on the sole of the foot do not only help to relax but also can help treat the disease.

Exfoliating and aromatherapy oil

Exfoliating and aromatherapy oil to clean and exfoliate dead skin cells. Restoring the skin to be moist, soft and firm.

Aromatherapy oil massage

Relieve stress, relax your mind with essential oil massage. Making your

skin radiant and firmer

La Fleur Thai Massage is located at Chinatown 2, Pracharat Bamphen Road, Huai Khwang

Ratchadaphisek. La Fleur Thai Massage is in a shopping area, tourist attractions and

hotels .It’s located 500 meters away from the MBT subway station.

Email :

Address : 92 Pracharat Bamphen Road, Huai Khwang Sub-district, Huai Khwang District, Bangkok 10310

Tel: 02-550-7871 , 06-4529-9859

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